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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

My Frog Princess

Once upon a time...

...there was a beautiful little girl...

...a lovely little princess...

...who ruled a kingdom of frogs.

She was a kind princess, sweet and caring.

Her subjects loved her, too.

They would watch over her.

They would vie for her attention.

After all, they had heard the stories.

Perhaps a kiss, a true love's kiss, would turn one into a prince.

"It might be true," they'd say to themselves, knowing they sounded silly.

One could hope. One could dream. After all...she was just so beautiful.

Who could resist?

Try as they might, it wasn't to be.

She was, after all, a little princess.

She had no interest in true love's kiss.

 But frogs are patient ones. They could wait. They were content to just be playmates.

For the princess was kind as she was beautiful and her sweet presence was joy enough.


The end.


Okay, so the story sort of fizzles at the end, but what do you expect? She's not quite 5 months old yet (but she will be on Friday! AH!); it's too early for a "they lived happily ever after" ending!

Thank you, Aunt Barb, for the wonderful green dress that inspired this fun little shoot! Alia had SO much fun playing with the skirt. 

P.S. The frog obsession is all mine, though she seems to favor green anyway. I may or may not have brought yet another frog home last night. :)