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Thursday, September 11, 2014

When is Opening Night?

Photo Credit: Jackie Cooper Photography

The stage is set.  The costumes are ready to go.  The cast and crew are assembled and know what to do.  Everything - props, music, lighting, promo photos even - everything has been thought of and attended to.  Everyone nervously, but excitedly, is filled with anticipation as opening night approaches.  Even the audience is excited!  But there's just one teeny, tiny problem.

No one knows when opening night is!

It could be any night (or even day!) during a specific window of time, but no one really knows for sure when it will actually be.  So the actors continue doing warm ups and breathing exercises, making sure their costumes are fresh and ready, checking that their props are in order, walking the set, and going over the script -- which is mostly improv anyway.  They've prepared for months and are ready to go as soon as the director says, "It's time!"

A most unnerving way to produce theatre.

Can you even imagine that??  In theory it does sound a little intriguing.  Anticipation is usually 90% of the fun.  It would certainly be an experiment in actor/tech preparedness and professionalism.  A sort of "theatre of surprise."  Maybe I'll try it some day. ;)

Oh wait...  I already am.

Nearly 38 weeks of preparing, studying, rehearsing, creating a set, arranging props, accumulating costumes, and getting the actors in order -- all in preparation for a certain leading lady's big debut.

So....when is opening night??

It could be tonight!  Or tomorrow morning.  Or a week from now.  Or two.  Or three and a half.  Maybe she has stage fright and we'll have to coax her out a bit.  Maybe she's a line-stepper/cue-jumper and will surprise when least expected.  Perhaps she is a drama queen and will demand a long, lengthy, improvised monologue that keeps everyone longing for her long-windedness to end.  It's possible that she's fantastically on time and sticks to the script.  What a good little performer.

Whatever the case, opening night is soon.  So soon.  We're so close.

Our beautiful little star will be born very soon.

I have a feeling there won't be a dry eye in the audience...

Photo Credit: Jackie Cooper Photography

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  1. I love the way you write! Thinking of you all....and especially the leading lady!