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Monday, July 14, 2014

Updates from Week 29...

It's Week 29 y'all!  (That's leftover from my Virginia days)  I don't have many heart ponders or stories to tell today, so I figured I'd update you on some milestones we're hitting.

* We are now officially more weeks along than I am years old.  Well, I guess we hit that milestone last week, but I keep forgetting my age along with everything else these days...oh pregnancy brain!

* I have gained 22 pounds which puts me exactly where I should be on the growth chart.  Hurray!

*My belly has doubled as a table more than once.  Ha!

*I said goodbye to my toes a few weeks ago, and am very close to asking Landon to assist in shaving my legs (talk about marital trust tests and bonding!).

*At my last doctor's appointment, she kept using the word "Perfect!" to describe everything....Little One's heartbeat, the size of my uterus, my weight gain, etc, etc.  It's rather comforting to know that we are doing so well!

*I'm pretty sure Little One's first pair of walking shoes needs to be tap shoes.  She and Landon had quite the tap recital the other night -- he would tap at her, and she would tap back.  And we aren't just talking one or two taps.  Shuffles, step-ball-changes, buffaloes, time steps....maaaaybe I'm exaggerating, but it at least felt like she was matching his rhythm!

*My glucose screening was last week and if you know me, you know that I don't do needles.  Like, at all.  As I was squeezing Landon's hand, tearfully looking into his eyes while trying not to faint, I quite honestly said, "I think this is the first time I've thought -- why did you do this to me???"  I'm told it probably won't be the last time I think that, but one can hope.

*There is a girl at work who is newly pregnant and we have great fun emailing back and forth all day about all things baby.  So fun!

*Babies 'R' Us discontinued selling the car seat I picked out.  Grrrr.  Of course, it went with the stroller, so now I have to find a new car seat AND a new stroller.  And I thought I was all done with that....

*I met a lovely Norwegian mom at a lunch cafe the other day.  It was so interesting to hear her tales of giving birth in Norway once and giving birth in her home in the US another time.  Her accent was amazing.  Connecting with a person over motherhood is certainly a delight.  I do love to connect with random people, and now I have this natural little starting point.  It definitely brings back memories of my mom talking to random mothers in stores.  I rolled my eyes and got impatient then, but now I kinda think it's the coolest thing ever.

* Speaking of my mom!!!  She is coming to visit in 10 days!!!!!!  I couldn't be more excited!  I wake up each morning thinking, "She's almost here!"  I am so looking forward to her feeling Little One move, talking about all things baby, and of course, shopping for her granddaughter. :)

*Speaking of grandmothers!!!!  The day after my mom leaves, Landon's parents are coming into town!!!  I couldn't be more excited! I am so looking forward to them feeling Little One move, talking about all things baby, and of course, shopping for their granddaughter. :)

*My favorite thing to do these days is just sit and watch my belly move all over the place.  I am excitedly looking forward to when I can see a hand or foot.  For now, I'm very happy with all the bumps and rolls and totally misshapen belly!

*The 7-11 app is the best thing ever right now.  It's their birthday week, and if you have their app, every day they are giving away something for free.  I am especially looking forward to Wednesday with their free Twix ice cream bars!!  I will be going early.  And maybe to multiple locations.  It's happening.

**Bonus 7-11 story.  We have one on our block (so convenient for ice cream/slurpee cravings!!) and we have gone two different times when the same girl is working.  BOTH times she has said, "Awww....are you having a boy???"  Just like that.  No "Are you expecting?"  No "Do you know what you're having?"  She just scans our stuff and then looks at my belly and says, "Awww...are you having a boy???"  And both times I have said, "Um, no.  A girl!"  Why does she ask it that way??  I'm confused.

*As of Week 29, we pretty much are very excited to see our little girl soon, and very much willing to wait for that to happen.  Time just seems to be flying.  It's the MIDDLE OF JULY already.  2 1/2 months to go!!!

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