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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Watermelon Before Bed is Bad

My goodness, where to begin?

We are 32.5 weeks and counting.  (What??)

I'm getting bigger everyday, and oddly loving it.  (Yes, really!)

32.5 Weeks - August 5, 2014

Oh, and did I mention that we're THIRTY-TWO POINT FIVE WEEKS???

Let's just call 2014 "The Year of the Pregnancy".  Maybe "Year of Expectation" sounds better, but that's a little too existential, don't you think?  Truly, though, I've been marking the year with trimesters and trips to the bathroom (TMI?) and suddenly the realization that it's August is hitting hard.  Next month is the "Month of Birth" (NEXT month!), though I suppose if she is a little late, then that title goes to October.

I'd be okay with an October baby.  People look at me like I'm crazy when I say I'd like her to be a week late.  "I'll ask you again in 8 weeks...." But here's the thing -- if I can work up until my due date, my maternity leave takes me up until the week before Christmas.  If I can work a week past my due date, then I go back to work the week AFTER Christmas.  Now doesn't that just sound nicer??  Of course, none of this is in my control....story of this year. ;)

In crazy news, she is already head-down and ready to go.  At my last appointment, my doctor explained what my water breaking will be like and I froze a bit -- it's already time to be aware of that???  Whoa.  There is every possibility (but no indication) that she could come early, but surely -- it's too early to talk about it, right??  Apparently not.

Each day, I get more and more excited to meet Little One.  At work the other day I thought, "One day, I will be eagerly looking forward to going home to see my husband AND my baby girl!"  The forethought that makes me a good theatre producer is taking a turn for the baby as little things pop into my brain with a definite "mommy" tint.  Eventually the first feeding of the day will have to be at 6am so I can get to work by 7:30.  Um...she's not even here yet...and I haven't even gone on leave yet....why am I already thinking about when I go back to work??  It's just the way my brain works, I guess.  Gotta love it. :)

Speaking of thinking like a mom, the other day we were getting in the car and I started laughing.  Landon said, "What is it?" I laughed, "Oh boy, I just had the distinct feeling --- we forgot to bring the baby!!!"  The look on his face was priceless.  Thankfully, she was right where she needs to be -- in my belly! :D

We start our childbirth classes tomorrow night.  Four Thursdays that will teach me how to do the craziest, hardest thing I've ever done in my life and hopefully, all without medication.  I'm giving myself grace in case I change my mind (I know plenty of people who say I will), but for now, I don't relish the idea of needles, catheters, not feeling most of my body (it freaks me out!), and the potential harmful effects on the baby.  No judgement -- just no love of needles is really what it comes down to.  Naive?  Maybe.  But I'm gonna try!  I have a strong desire to be an active participant in her delivery and the stubbornness to hold onto my "Love endures all things" mantra.  But like I said, I'm giving myself grace and keeping the door open should the drugs be just what I need.

The last two weeks have been busy with house guests and grandparents.  My mom was here for almost a week, and then Landon's parents for an extended weekend.  Babies 'R' Us was visited twice and Little One blessed with grandparent gifts.  Lots of belly-touching and feeling the first granddaughter as she danced for her grandparents.  And the best part -- we didn't have to do the dishes for about 2 weeks. ;)  It was a very, very special time.  When they all come back (this time with my dad, too!), they'll be passing around a know, if they actually share with each other. ;)  I'm greatly looking forward to that!

Last Sunday, dear friends in Virginia Beach surprised me with a virtual baby shower via Face Time.  Fun!  We couldn't be more blessed with their outpourings of love.  Between them and grandparents, we have 3 of my top 4 baby items checked off the list.  Such a burden lifted!  My boss at work is planning a big shindig for me in a few weeks.  A theatre friend is hosting a shower for my theatre friends here, and a church friend is planning a joint shower for me and another gal.  I'd say Little One is already loved and cherished, indeed!

Get ready to say, "Awwww!!!"  Landon put together the pack'n'play the other night and I just melted.  We're not doing a crib or nursery in our small apartment.  Instead, she'll sleep in a bassinet next to my side of the bed, and then move into the pack'n'play when she outgrows the bassinet.  But I tell ya -- my heart was a puddle watching my handsome husband set up the future sleeping/play place of our daughter.  I will treasure that sight forever.  "Awwww!!!"

It's ready for her!

When it comes down to it, I'm more excited than miserable (finally) -- though the misery has changed.  Haha.  I think I've said goodbye to good sleep forever (or at least the next few years) as restless leg syndrome only increases with pregnancy, heartburn rages in the darkness, and frequent bathroom trips become even more frequent.  Little One herself has even woken me up a few times with her long limbs in my stretching midsection.  Last night I discovered that the watermelon that cools my heartburn is a really, really bad idea before bed.  All that water and juice!  Three trips to the bathroom in 30 minutes is just too much.

The most difficult thing I'm dealing with right now are my heightened emotions.  Seriously, these hormones do a number on you!  Every time I see my baby bump in the mirror, I tear up.  The "Share a Coke with..." pregnancy announcement caused me to burst into work.  It's not a trip to the grocery store unless I have an emotional breakdown somewhere around the freezer aisle.  I am SO quick to irritation -- for no reason as well as justified causes -- but it's harder to shake and easy to apply to everything in general.  I find myself saying things I don't mean and regretting it sorely.  In general, I just feel like I work SO hard to control my emotions and then I get exhausted and fail miserably.  I was thinking about just that when I was reading a book and came across this passage:

"Do you say it is impossible always to govern one's feelings?  There is one method, a never-failing one -- prayer.  It consoles and strengthens the wounded heart, and tranquillizes the most stormy passions.  You will say, perhaps, that you have no leisure to pray every time your temper is provoked, or your heart is grieved.  It requires no time -- the inward ejaculation of 'Lord, help me to overcome this temptation,' may be made in any place and amid any employments; and if uttered in humble sincerity, the voice that said to the raging waters, 'Peace! Be still!' will restore quiet to your troubled soul."

Encouraged!  And a little convicted, but mostly encouraged.  And so grateful for a patient, understanding husband who keeps me from feeling too crazy.

That quote was from a book written in 1831 called, "The Mother's Book" by (ironically) Mrs. Child.  It is definitely dated and incredibly fun to read.  It's basically like Jane Austen's guide to motherhood.  I have literally laughed out loud a few times at her advice and reasoning.  Here's a few snippets -- because they are just too good.

"They come to us from heaven, with their little souls full of innocence and peace; and, as far as possible, a mother’s influence should not interfere with the influence of angels.”   
"Does not the little cherub in this way guide you to heaven, marking the pathway by the flowers he scatters as he goes?” 

“Evil enters into his soul, as the imperceptible atmosphere [of anger] he breathes enters into his lungs; and the beautiful little image of God is removed farther and farther from his home in heaven.”     

"The care of children requires a great many sacrifices, and a great deal of self-denial; but the woman who is not willing to sacrifice a good deal in such a cause, does not deserve to be a mother.”  

“You will find that a smart, notable housewife is always an ‘observing woman.’  What constitutes the difference between a neat, faithful domestic, and a heedless, sluttish one?  One pays attention to what she is about, and the other does not.  The slut’s hands may be very dirty, but she does not observe it; every time she takes hold of the door, she may leave it covered with black prints, but she does not observe it.  One educated to attend to things about her, would immediately see these defects and remedy them.”  

Hilarious, right?  Apparently, she was quite the authority on all things womanly, having had a great success with her other book, "The Frugal Housewife."  I'm thoroughly entertained.

Alright - last thing for this unbearably long post!  Someone asked what my favorite baby item has been so far.  Unquestionably -- Mister Frog.  Not "Mr.", but "Mister Frog."  (He's a Southern gentleman)  I had registered for him online, but he was always out of stock when we went to Babies 'R' Us.  Well, this last time we were there, so was he!  I grabbed him off the shelf and couldn't let go while we were wandering around.  "I'm not suggesting we buy him right now...I just need to hold him!"  Well, Grandma T. bought him. ;)  He's really quite wonderful.  If I haven't mentioned it already...I'm quite obsessed with frogs and monkeys right now.  Little One is going to have a thorough knowledge of all things frog and monkey (at least the cute, cartoony, toy-like ones!).

Mister Frog!

32.5 weeks...If you were me, what would you be thinking right now?  Let me know in the comments!!

32.5. Weeks - Gettin' bigger, right??


  1. Ahhhh...I adore you! Did you cut your hair? SUPER cute!

    1. Haha thanks! Not a significant hair cut, but just a badly needed trim and re-layer a month or two ago. :)